The Time I Had to Pump on a Train

A year or so ago I was graced with my beautiful daughter (Amanda). It was easily the best time of my life, but as many new mothers know, joy quickly becomes exhaustion when you have a newborn. As a working mom, I take the train to NYC to work, and since I did not have a very long maternity leave (something I am taking up with my employer), I had to return to work before Amanda was off of breast milk. Now, I did not want to put her on formula, for a number of health-related reasons, many of which are explained in great detail on some of the blogs I read. Here is where the story gets “fun”.

I knew that I would have to pump in public places so that I could maintain my milk supply and Amanda could get fed breast milk even when I was not around. What I did not know is that there would be such a stigma associated with pumping in public, or that the particular pump I was using (Lansinoh), would be possibly the loudest thing on the planet. So there I was, on the 6AM train into the city, pumping away, when a gentlemen next to me decided to let me know just how inconsiderate I was being of other passengers. Now, I will leave it up to you to decide if that was the case, but for me, not pumping on the train was not really an option (my work didn’t give me long enough maternity leave, how do you think they would like me pumping at work?). This expression of opinion quickly turned into what the transit police called “an altercation”. I was running on two hours of sleep and working 45 hours, what do you expect?

Anyway, it ended amicably enough, but that experience has forever both jaded me to judgmental people, and given me a soft spot for working moms.
The reason I write about this now is that I actually witnessed something very similar happen in a Starbucks. Luckily the opinion voicer was quickly subdued (not physically) by onlookers, but still. Come on it’s 2017 people. Also, it inspired me to write a quick guide on finding the best breast pump, just in case any of you reading are wondering why/if you really need one. If you are a mom and had a similar experience, I’d love to hear about it as well! Drop it in the comments 🙂