Welcome to the Blog

The Alternative Humane Society is a resource for animal information as well as a host of other useful tips regarding animals or everyday life skills.

The blog will primarily focus around articles submitted by our readers, and is an experimental new take on traditional internet blogging. While our main area of expertise is animals, some of our readers may want to submit other pieces that they find useful. We will work hard to ensure that nothing spammy gets through, but we want to have a space where anyone can contribute information that they think will help everyone else in some way.

Once you submit an article, our moderators will read it and double check for grammar, spelling, and relevancy issues. This can take awhile depending on submissions, but we hope to get approved articles up within a week of their original submission date.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!



PS. If you know of any animals being abused, please report it to the proper authorities. Once of the major forces in the fight against animal abuse is indeed the Humane Society. You can see some of their recent work below.